August 29, 2005

Australia Slides, picture 2

These are the Three Sisters, in the Blue Mountains. Aboriginal legend had these three sisters turned into stone. You also get a good idea why they are called "Blue Mountains" - "mist" in the air from the every-present eucalyptus trees gives everything a blue hue.

After our 3 days in Sydney, we drove out to the Blue Mountains and stayed the night in Katoomba. After getting up the next day, we drove to the Jenolan Caves, which were only moderately interesting - seen one cave, seen'em all really. Plus they kept hounding us to keep our hands off things. We tried to find out if a road marked on our maps as only occasionally passable would be drivable in our little Toyota hatchback. Finally, one of the guides said "No great worries - an easy drive!", so we headed off our our "No Great Worries" roadtrip.

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